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Sensory room at the Elms

The Elms Day Nursery recently finished renovating the nursery’s old resource room into _DSC5645-HDR websitetheir new fully equipped sensory room, that will not only benefit special educational needs (SEN) children but all the children at the nursery.

Denise from the Owl room had the initial idea for the sensory room through her recent training and interest in special educational needs. The team then presented the idea to the University and were successful in securing the funding for the room. Denise is now the nursery’s special educational needs coordinator (SENCO) and is actively supporting children with SEN and their parents.

The benefits of sensory play

Sensory play provides numerous benefits for children with special needs, encouraging hand and eye coordination, and the development of social and language skills. It also provides a space for relaxation which is vital for children’s emotional health.

_DSC5292 websiteThe children are really enjoying spending time in the sensory room; it’s a magical place filled with soothing sounds, moving colours and shapes, bubble tubes, images created by disco balls, and walls covered in adventure where you can touch, feel and explore a range of senses.

The children aren’t the only ones who are enjoying the new sensory room, our staff love being in the sensory room too!